Monthly Archives: August 2010

Incredible “Dad” Speach

Last night during the session of Kill the Boy we talked about what happens after you spill the boy-man’s blood and cross over into man-hood.  How everything takes on a new perspective.  And

Learning to Land?

A very interesting article from the NY Times Magazine. Call me old fashioned but it seems to me like an excuse for an epidemic. That is just my opinion, however.

Letters to Full 1mpact

Hello and welcome again to Full 1mpact.  As promised, and delayed, we wanted to go into a simple Q & A from letters I had received in my Facebook email.  I had

9 Things Fuel the Boy

Last Wednesday the Full 1mpact team discussed exactly what it is that fuels the boy or the boy-man.  The inner punk.  Can you guess what those 9 things are?  One is the Ego/Pride