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3 Lies Men Believe

In 2009 F-1 began as a handful of men meeting in the living room of a small apartment in Pasadena to discuss the ideas of masculinity, manhood, and what all of that

Abuse In Schools

The video I’m about to post here brought up a few questions along with some disturbing images.  Those images also provoked some disturbing memories of growing up.  You see, in fourth grade

8 Guys Who Sabotage Attraction On Facebook: Part 2

On Wednesday we started this little trip down Facebook lane. I promised you we’d finish Friday and I think we’re a few hours late but it’s still fresh press so it is

8 Guys Who Sabotage Attraction On Facebook: Part 1

We each live in a world where pretty much everyone we know is linked virtually.  Our posts then pepper our friends and acquaintances newsfeeds on a daily basis.  Our lives intertwine with

Health and Fitness: Wednesday Night Recap

Wednesday night was a very special night for F-1 in the sense that we had two extraordinary guest speakers talking about fitness, health, and what lies in-between.  We started out discussing three