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You Are Entitled To: Nothing

On May the 23rd, just at the beginning of a great Memorial Day weekend a boy by the name of Elliot Rodger made headlines by killing six people and seriously injuring 13

The F-1 Army Podcast: Episode IV

This week we discuss Capes 4 Heroes.  Who are they?  What are they about?  The Fight Club, looking beneath the surface of a cult classic.  People have questions about the negativity on

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep III

This week we discuss making a difference and impact in the world around you.  What ways can you do this?  Who is Team Rubicon and why are these guys so cool, and

Men vs Emotions

    During the Man Myths Series © we discussed in detail that one of the many lies men believe about being “true men” is that showing emotion is weak or sissy-like.