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The F-1 Army Podcast: Episode XIV The Mentoring Episode

In this episode of the F-1 Army Podcast we speak with Candelario Garcia who is a Big Brother from the Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  We discuss the importance of changing a

How to Approach a Woman Like a D*#!&%-Bag: Quick Guide

This article is for those men who actually want to come across as a flying douche-monkey when approaching women.  I mean, let’s face it, not all guys actually WANT to improve themselves

The F-1 Army Podcast: Episode 13

Episode 13 of the F-1 Army podcast- We talk about One For the Boys and men’s cancer, and The Magic of Rahat- Where Rahat gives a homeless man a fake/winning lottery ticket

The F-1 Army Podcast: Episode XII

We discuss how an 8yr old girl is helping out a marine and his K-9 companion, shedding some light on Facebook Etiquette, and of course the inevitable QnA!   [display_podcast]