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2014 November | Full 1mpact

Monthly Archives: November 2014

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 19 pt 2 with Kalani Vale

This is Part 2 of Ep 19 where we read more letters of gratitude about Thanksgiving and continue our conversation with guru, success coach, and author Kalani Vale.  He talks about invested

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 19 pt 1 w/ Kalani Vale

It is the 19th episode of the F-1 Army Podcast with special guest Kalani Vale who is the author of Super Hero Single Dad, entrepreneur, success coach, mentor, and power speaker!  He talks

The F-1 Army Podcast: Episode 18 Part II

In this episode of the F-1 Army Podcast we talk about a girl named Jetta Fosberg who was being bullied after she cut 14 inches of her hair off to donate to