The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep XXX w/ Dr. Timaree

Ep XXX-with sexologist, Dr. Timaree from Sex With Timaree. We discuss, (as Dr. Timaree puts it), “The most important topic of all,” sex.  What is sex positive and being body positive?  Dr. Timaree talks about an amazing event coming up; SEXx Interactive – a sex positive journey for the mind, heart and body taking place in Philadelphia.  We talk about why it is important to learn more about this favorite pass-time and the importance of debunking some of the old tropes men have been buying into regarding sex. We answer some of the QnA from out listeners AND Dr. Timaree gives tips to where you can look to broaden your horizons of your own personal sexual journey.


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One Response to The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep XXX w/ Dr. Timaree

  1. LilyJane says:

    Very interesting podcast. It can be hard to find unbiased or just neutral discussions about sex as for some reason it has become a taboo subject, even though it is the most natural and primal thing us creatures do!

    Very glad I found out about Timaree, she has very interesting things on her blog 🙂

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