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The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 26 w/ Special Guest Jared Holt from Alpha Predator Training

Special guest Jared Holt, from Alpha Predator Training, joins us and we discuss the huge importance on why more men need to be aware of their physical health.  Also, why Jared is

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 25 w/ Special Trainer Carl Guillaume

Episode 25 with special guest and elite fitness trainer Carl Guillaume.  We talk about moving past your point of comfort, and committing to your goals.  Its not to late to make your

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 24 – The Man Myths on Money

Episode 24 of the F-1 Army Podcast where we talk about how the Man Myths started, what that series of seminars is about, and why we should challenge some of the old

The F-1 Army Podcast Episode 23: New Year’s Resolutions vs Planning Ahead

We are back from the Holidays, and two weeks into 2015!  This episode we talk about why making New Year’s Resolutions is maybe not on your favor, but planning ahead can make

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 22 The Holiday Episode w/ Pt 2 of DJ ICY ICE

It is Episode 22 of the F-1 Army Podcast- The Holiday/Christmas Episode and we discuss some of our favorite Holiday moments with family and how a 9 yr old boy was able

The F-1 Army Podcast: E21 w DJ ICY ICE

Episode 21 with DJ Icy Ice- he is a world renown DJ and musician who talks about how he got his start, where he is going with his music and how he

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep XX- Officially Holiday Season

Episode XX of the F-1 Army Podcast where we talk about giving more this year to those who are disadvantaged.  We also talk about the previous Thanksgiving episode, gratitude, giving, and why

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 19 pt 2 with Kalani Vale

This is Part 2 of Ep 19 where we read more letters of gratitude about Thanksgiving and continue our conversation with guru, success coach, and author Kalani Vale.  He talks about invested

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 19 pt 1 w/ Kalani Vale

It is the 19th episode of the F-1 Army Podcast with special guest Kalani Vale who is the author of Super Hero Single Dad, entrepreneur, success coach, mentor, and power speaker!  He talks

The F-1 Army Podcast: Episode 18 Part II

In this episode of the F-1 Army Podcast we talk about a girl named Jetta Fosberg who was being bullied after she cut 14 inches of her hair off to donate to