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The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep38 Addressing Toxic Masculinity

Ep 38 of the F-1 Army Podcast:  A punk band takes on greedy pharma CEO, Addressing the Masculinity So Fragile hashtag, QnA and reading from Sam Keen’s book- Fire in the Belly,

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 33 What is Independence?

Episode 33 of the F-1 Army Podcast.  We discuss the up and coming holiday in American, the 4th of July and what the meaning of Independence is for us really, also a

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 28 Heroes of Real Life

Episode 28 is here and we discuss our heroes growing up and why we were fond of them.  Also how actors who play Heroes on the Big Screen today are stepping out

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 27 pt2 w/ Jared Holt

This week we talk about potentially great movies for men to watch.  One being the film, Invincible and why this is a great film for guys.  Also, we pick up from last

The F-1 Army Podcast: Ep 24 – The Man Myths on Money

Episode 24 of the F-1 Army Podcast where we talk about how the Man Myths started, what that series of seminars is about, and why we should challenge some of the old

The F-1 Army Podcast: Episode 18 Part II

In this episode of the F-1 Army Podcast we talk about a girl named Jetta Fosberg who was being bullied after she cut 14 inches of her hair off to donate to

The F-1 Army Podcast: Epidode 16 (Part II of II)

This episode of the F-1 Army Podcast we pick up last week with Co-Host Michael Guthrie, improv guru and stage performer and coach- We discuss the great month of October, Breast Cancer

The F-1 Army Podcast: Episode 15

We are joined by co-host Michael Guthrie who just so happens to be an improv genius and guru!  We will be discussing gender equality, the Emma Watson speech, and where masculinity fits

The F-1 Army Podcast: Episode 13

Episode 13 of the F-1 Army podcast- We talk about One For the Boys and men’s cancer, and The Magic of Rahat- Where Rahat gives a homeless man a fake/winning lottery ticket

The F-1 Army Podcast: Episode XII

We discuss how an 8yr old girl is helping out a marine and his K-9 companion, shedding some light on Facebook Etiquette, and of course the inevitable QnA!   [display_podcast]